RURAL ARCHITECTURE: BARNS, SPACE, AND PLACE. The farm barn is as ubiquitous to rural America as it is to the countryside of Scotland.  At times cathedral-like in scale, the barn lies at the heart of the farming economy and in this age of Large Farm Organizations it is often at the heart of rural controversy. Rural Architecture is a group of sculptures, based on traditional barns and farm buildings found on both sides of the Atlantic. As a series they reflect my interest in our interaction with the landscape as well as the aesthetics and the politics of life in the country

Use up, wear out, make do, do without is an old farmer’s adage close to my heart.  For many years I have worked with castoff materials. I frequently leave the surfaces of these ready-made elements in their original state to reveal their identity and history while juxtaposing them with newly fabricated forms of wood or metal.

Meg Walker

  Rural Architecture: The Saw Mill (The Gibbhill), 1999, 50.25" x 11.75" x 14.75", wood, cardboard, Styrofoam, paint